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An implant could be stated as a surgical device that's implanted into the jawbone and allowed to integrate with the bone over time. An implant may be a prosthetic root that will replace the basis of a ‘missing tooth’. This "artificial tooth root" then holds a replacement tooth or bridge in situ. "Osseointegration" refers to the process of the dental implant and jawbone fusing together. Dental implant success rates vary counting on where the implants are placed within the jaw, but generally, dental implants have a success rate of up to 98 percent.

Dentures or artificial teeth or false teeth are used to replace lost natural teeth. Dentures can be employed to replace a few missing teeth. Other forms of dentures are those that replace all of your gums, teeth, and surrounding tissues. Dentures that replace all of your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues are referred to as other sorts of dentures. Tooth loss can be caused by tooth decay, gum disease, or facial injury. Dentures may be required depending on the number of teeth lost.

  • Types of implants
  • Types of dentures
  • Clean & Care for Dentures

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