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Mel A. Burchman

Co-Founder GMA Laser Education, USA


Dr. Burchman has maintained a general dentistry practice in Bucks County, Pennsylvania since 1976. He began using lasers in 1998 and now has eight lasers in his practice. I also have 7 lasers in my home. In 2001 he received Advanced Proficiency in Nd: YAG from the A.L.D. In November 2003 He received the “The Science Behind the Clinic of Laser Dentistry” award for his Keynote Presentation on, “Nd:YAG and Diode Laser Therapy in the Medically Compromised Patient”. Also in 2003 his office was written up in Men’s Health Magazine in an article titled, “The Drill Is Gone.” In 2005 he received “Certified Laser Educator” status from the Academy. He received his “Certificate of Mastership” from the Academy in 2008. He has been published twice in the laser academy journal “Wavelengths” on “Lasers in the Medically Compromised Patient” and “Using Dental Lasers to Treat a Severe Parkinson’s and Cancer Patient.” In 2012 received the “Leon Goldman Award” for laser clinical excellence from the ALD for this work. He has presented on this topic over a 100 times both nationally and internationally and it is his passion. He has served the academy as: Mentor, Examiner, and Chairman of many committees, a member of the Academy Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President. In 2014 he was the Keynote Speaker at the OCMIS Laser Conference in Philadelphia PA.  In 2015 & 2016 he was a Keynote Speaker for the Dental Session of the ASLMS. In 2019 he was the Keynote Speaker for the ALD-BAIRD laser conference in Qatar, for the Australian Medical Laser Society and the Australian Dental Society in Sydney Australia.  In 2015 he was the General and Scientific Chairman of the A.L.D conference and in 2016 was the Co-Program Chair of the ASLMS conference. In 2016 he received his, “Recognized Course Provider” certification and was the Chairman of the 2019 academy conference.  Also in 2019 his article on “8 Ways Your Patients Will Benefit from Low-Level Laser Therapy” was published in Dentistry Today. In 2018 he had the honor to testify before a Congressional Subcommittee on, “Using Dental Lasers to Help Control Opioid Abuse”. He was the President of the Academy of Laser Dentistry in 2019 - 2020 and also help found GMA Laser Education. In October of 2022 GMA Laser Education was the keynote speaker for the Asia Pacific Laser Institute Annual Conference.

Previously he has lectured and been a laser trainer for: Sirona Dental, Benco Dental and Henry Schein Dental, Advanced Dental Hygiene, MedX Laser Health Systems, Kerber USA, the Academy of Laser Dentistry and GMA Laser Education.

It has always been my pleasure to share my laser knowledge with other healthcare professionals. As it states in the GMA Laser Education mission statement,

“The Goal of GMA Laser Education is to share our laser experience and knowledge with other practitioners so that they can safety and competently deliver laser procedures to their patients.”

Some of the topics I specialize in teaching are;

  1. All aspects of photobiomodulation “PBM” or Low Level Laser “LLLT”
  2. Photobiomodulation(PBMT) and it’s Possible Effects on the Oral Symptoms of the COVID-19 Patient
  3. Using lasers to prevent, treat and control the side effects of the chemo/radiation therapy patient
  4. Using Dental Lasers to Treat the Medically Compromised Patient
  5. Controlling Parkinson’s and other motor disorders tremors with lasers so that they may be treated in your office without general anesthesia
  6. I am an Academy of Laser Dentistry Recognized Course Provider. Therefore, I am certified to train and teach academy certification courses in Low level lasers, Diode and Nd:YAG lasers

Keynote Speaking Engagements:

  1. 2003 the Third Annual Israeli Laser Dental Society – Tel Aviv Israel
  2. 2014 OCMIS Laser Conference – Philadelphia PA
  3. 2015 & 2016 ASLMS – Dental Session Conference – Boston MA
  4. 2019 the ALD-BAIRD laser conference in Qatar
  5. 2019 for the Australian Medical Laser Society – Sydney, Australia
  6. 2019 the Australian Dental Society – Sydney, Australia
  7. 2021 presented, “Using dental Lasers to Treat the Side Effects of Chemo/Radiation Therapy” to the Board of Directors of the Pancreatic Cancer Society
  8. October of 2022 GMA Laser Education was the keynote speaker for the Asia Pacific Laser Institute Annual Conference.


Presented and Performed Laser Training Courses for the Following Companies;

  1. Benco Dental  Company
  2. Henry Schein Dental Company
  3. Sirona Dental Company
  4. Advanced Dental Hygiene
  5. MedX Lasers Company
  6. Kerber USA
  7. GMA Laser Education
  8. Academy of Laser Dentistry
  9. Throughout the COVID Pandemic he has presented 16 webinars on various laser topics and 4 photobiomodulation 8 hour training courses

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