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Bennete Fernandes

SEGi University, Malaysia


Dr. Bennete Fernandes graduated in 1999 and completed his Masters in Periodontics in 2004. He was awarded honorary Ph.D (h.c) in Medical & Health Professions from International Internship University (IIU) in Nov. 2021 and another fin Education (Oral Health) from Wisdom University, Nigeria in 2022. He has more than 18 years of teaching experience following his masters. He has also completed his Fellowship in Lasers from University of Genoa, Italy; Assoc. Fellowship in Laser Dentistry from World Clinical Laser Institute (WCLI), USA. He has won numerous dental awards and has published nearly 40 papers in various indexed and peer reviewed journals. He has been a Guest speaker at various international conferences and webinars. He is a Full Member of the British Society of Periodontology & Implantology (BSP) and many other Periodontal Societies (International Academy of Periodontology (IAP); Malaysian Society of Periodontology (MSP); Asia Pacific Society of Periodontology etc. He has worked for over 11 years in India with his last stint as a Professor at Srinivas Dental College, Mangalore, Karnataka, India before moving to Malaysia and is currently working at the Faculty of Dentistry, SEGi University, Malaysia since the past 7 years.

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