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Wagner Breit

Maxillo Facial Surgeon in Brazilian Army, Brazil

Title: Total mandibular reconstruction with total custom titanium prosthesis in segmented microvascular fibula.

Bahaa Aldin Alhaffar

Damascus University, Syrian Arab Republic

Title: The Oral Manifestations of Psychiatric Disorders

Omar Amer Elhag

University of Gezira, Sudan

Title: Lymphatic malformation

Shaul Lin

Rambam Health Care Campus, Israel

Title: A protocol for the management of ankylotic root resorption following dental trauma

Subhagata Chakraborty

Manipal College of Dental Sciences, India

Title: Management of Osteoradionecrosis by Tissue Bio-Engineering

Vesna Karic

WITS University, South Africa

Title: Laser Therapy and Clinical Treatment of Temporomandibular disorders

Boukhari Amin

Rambam Health Care Campus, Israel

Title: Updated biotechnological aspects in oral & maxillofacial rehabilitation

Carlos Martin Ardila Medina

Universidad de Antioquia School of Dentistry, Colombia

Title: Moxifloxacin: An Ideal Candidate Adjunctive Antibiotic for using in Association with Scaling and Root Planning in Treating Periodontitis


Universidad del Vall, Colombia

Title: Perceptions, Knowledge and Attitudes of Latin-American Health Practitioners Regarding Oral Health in Pregnant Women

PirkkoLiisa Tarvonen

University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Title: 3D printing technique to fabricate chairside dental restorations

Turianska Natalia

Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine

Title: Influence of Mmp 20 Gene Polymorphism in the Development of Erosion of Teeth in Young People

Kovalova Marina

Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine

Title: Influence of Klk4 Gene Polymorphism in the Evaluation of Erosion of Teeth in People with Thyroid Dysfunction

Pavlenko Ella

Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine

Title: Metabolic Changes in Oral Fluid in Patients with Generalized Periodontitis of Gerontological Groups

Kopchak Oksana

Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine

Title: Features of Pathogenesis of Generalized Periodontitis in Cardiovascular Pathology

Galyna Biloklytska

Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine

Title: Prognostic Significance of the Cytokine Profile (Il-1β And Il-4) of Oral Fluid in the Development of Initial Periodontitis in Young People

Jae-Eun Chung

Seoul National University Gwanak Dental Hospital, South Korea

Title: Novel Adhesive Periodntal Dressing After Flap Surgery : A Randomized Clinical Trial

Liana Lima Pinheiro

Managing Director of OFICINA DE ORTODONTIA, Brazil

Title: Clinical Cases in Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics and Aligners

Carol Wells

Hamilton & District Dental Hygienists, Canada

Title: A Biological Approach to Dental Hygiene

Ruaa M.Al-Mafrachi

University of Baghdad, Iraq

Title: Investigation of the Effect of Er:Cr:Ysgg Laser 2780 nm in Comparison with xp-Endo Finisher on Root Canal Dentin Permeability and Smear Layer Removal: An In Vitro Study

Dyani Gaudilliere

Stanford University School of Medicine, USA

Title: Single-Cell Systemic Immune Profile of Chronic Periodontitis

Aylin Pasaoglu

Beykent University, Turkey

Title: The Rising Importance of YouTube in Education on Orthodontics

Rany Bous

Case Western Reserve University, USA

Title: Psycho-Social Adjustments among Adolescents with Craniofacial Conditions and the Influence of Social Factors: A Multi-Informant Study

Mary Jacobs

College of Lake County, USA

Title: Transferring Professional Knowledge in a Humanistic Way

Evelyn Gopez

University of Utah, USA

Title: Oral Health

Joseph Heher

University of Maryland, USA

Title: Biomimetics-Making Composite Restorations Last Longer

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