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The dental nurse is an integral part of the dental practice's organisation and management, as well as assisting the dentist in all phases of patient treatment and providing vital patient care. A dental nurse's key responsibilities include infection prevention and control, chair-side assistance, dental surgery preparation and maintenance, and patient care. They may also be in charge of administrative tasks such as scheduling and bookkeeping. Dental nurses are usually employed by private practise dentists, dental hospitals, and the HSE.

Dentistry is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention and treatment of oral disorders, such as diseases of the teeth and their supporting structures, as well as diseases of the mouth's soft tissues. The practise of dentistry is strictly regulated, with licence requirements in place in every country where dentistry is performed. A dental practise is a small business, and it must be profitable like any other. To be profitable, the practise must deliver high-quality dental care in a timely manner, and the office must be run according to well-established business concepts and practises.

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